We are manufacturers of exhibitors for more than 30 years, our experience it's particularry focused on the Large-scale retail channel , where we have the trust of international customers. Our product hey are optimally lending to the advertising message at a less expensive cost than other forms of advertising. We will be happy to visit you and check your needs together and find the ideal solution

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Slides / Sideburns

Exhibitor created specially and principally for the Large-scale retail channel where it felt necessary , Not only to keep shelves on the shelves, but also to give a more incisive appeal. The slide creates tailor-made exhibitions based on the actual size of the packs to be exposed, Besides containing the product is provided with customizable color and graphics.

Modular slide

It has the same function as slip and advertising of the sled, it differs from the latter, as with only 2 modules (mm 200 and mm 100) can be used; Set up a plateau with a single front without shore, for the whole length of the line you want to create. The front is very wide is customizable in color and graphics. La slitta modulare ha un prezzo ,sul lineare, molto competitivo

Sledges mats

Exhibitor very light and flexible, Front which is created both for tilt and for measure according to needs; Of the customer. graphically no limits can; Be all or partially printed.



Used to create advertising islands, Can serious; Be made of both cardboard and plastic.


They are all made of cardboard or plastic and designed to emphasize and attract even more customer attention.


They are applied to slides, pushing the product forward and therefore always at the customer's reach.


Used for vertical exposure. E’ una cravatta in plastica sulla cui lunghezza sono stati creati dei ganci a cui vengono appesi i packing contenete il prodotto da commercializzare. Per una migliore visibilità, sulla parte alta normalmente si trova un crowner


Technical drawings

We assist the customer 360 degrees to develop his idea. We therefore offer a design, prototype, sampling and production service, all in our headquarters.



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